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写真に想いを入れて 撮りきる




撮れば 撮るほど この言葉の深さを思い知らされます




結婚式という "非日常" をプロデュースしていた時には



だからこそ 日常の中で

心が動いたこと 嬉しかったこと… 今の想いを込めて 表現できたらと 


ひとつ はっきり言えるのは

写真に出会えて 人生が豊かになったということ

すべてに 心からの敬意と感謝を込めて・・・      



湯澤 藍



Put your thoughts in the photo and take it.


I think I wasn't interested in photography without words of Mr. Onishi.

I take a picture more and more,,, I feel meaning of this words.


At the time of the wedding planner,

I didn't notice when I was producing the day of the extraordinary, 

It is full of Miracle in "everyday." 


That's why I want to express my present thoughts.

My heart was moving, I was happy ,,, and so on.


One thing I can say clearly

Thanks to met the photography my life has become happy. 

With all my heart's respect and thanks ...




Ai Yuzawa